Monday, March 10, 2008


So, I've been home for almost 3 months...I haven't posted anything because there hasn't been much worth posting. The transition back to American life was fairly smooth. At first I missed everything and talked about England all the time. Now, I still miss England, but I try not to talk about it constantly (for the sake of my friends & family!). For the first couple of months, my mom made Sunday roast for me every week, and I re-read Austen novels and watched English movies all the time. At some point in mid-February, I realized that I needed to let it go--it was too depressing. So, while I haven't completely given up English movies & music, I've found some American distractions. I've been really into politics, between my poli sci classes and the excitement over the primaries.

The Euromasters & me with Congressman McDermott

Obama rally at Key Arena--it was filled over capacity (note the people standing in the stairways), and some 3,000 people were turned away

Anna interviewed me about the election for her local newspaper back home--I'm famous in Stuttgart!

The Euromasters group photo