Monday, December 19, 2011

Phil Taylor Conference Photos

The Student's Appraisal Panel, with Cristina Archetti, me, and Nick Cull

Chatting with Paul Moorcraft during a coffee break (Tracey's in the background, too!)

Another shot of the student's panel, with Jacob (Phil's last PhD student to finish) and Elina (Israeli Prime Minister's Office)

At the conference dinner, I was sat between Stephen Badsey (Left) and Paul Moorcraft (right). I love this picture--you can see how Paul is monopolising my attention with his hilarious stories!

Mingling with the Vice Chancellor, Michael Arthur

During my talk about Phil's impact on my work & life

Briefing the MA student volunteers at the start of the conference

Lunch break, chatting with Kate Utting and Paul Moorcraft

A couple of group shots at the end of the first day

BBC's Kate Adie and Prof. Gary Rawnsley

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Phil's Conference

The conference poster

This Friday & Saturday is the conference, at last! I'm so excited to meet Phil's friends and colleagues, and chat with these experts in my field. We met with the MA volunteers today and went over what needs to be done. It's going to be a busy couple of days, but I'm really looking forward to it!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birthday at Chatsworth

On the drive down to Derbyshire, it started snowing.
We stopped for lunch, and this is how much came down by the time we were done eating!
The Carriagehouse at Chatsworth
Chatsworth parking lot, complete with Chatsworth sheep

Even the parking lot is beautiful...

Going into the house

The serpent is the Cavendish family crest

Inside Chatsworth
Love the Christmas decorations!
Chapel ceiling
Lounge--sorry for the poor photo quality, but it was very dark and I tried to use the flash as little as possible

So much amazing artwork
The Painted Hall
The birthday girl at Chatsworth
The Painted Hall
In the library, they had all of the books related to Chatsworth--it looks like Mom's bookshelf! Bess of Hardwick, Counting My Chickens, etc....
The Library
My favorite statue--I just don't get how the veil really looks like sheer's amazing!
The 6th Duke's Dining Room
So stunning! I love all of the silver & the chandelier

In front of the house

The South view of the house
Such a shame about the scaffolding, but it is off-season...
Emperor fountain

The Cascade
Richard & me in front of the Cascade
Tomb (not sure who's in there...)
Sheep in front of the Carriage house

Carriagehouse courtyard
Our lovely hotel room in Buxton--with at least a dozen framed portraits of John Travolta on the walls

Despite the John Travolta decor, it really was nice--lovely bay window & four poster bed!
Snowing in Buxton!

View from the pub
View of the Peak District on our way home

The snow tapered off when we got to lower ground

You can still see the snowy higher ground in the background, though!