Thursday, October 25, 2007

Roman Baths and Abbey

Roman temple reconstruction in the Baths

Excavated forum area in front of the temple

A memorial in one of the chapels within Bath Abbey. Note the upper right hand angel is holding a skull, and the upper left hand angel is crying...quite morbid.

The pipe organ in Bath Abbey

Funerary effigy of James Montague, Bishop of Bath and Wells

Main altar in Bath Abbey

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rugby finals

A pic from Moles--Cody, me, Tobias and Agnieska

Before the game I made chili with tortilla chips & cheese...very American. Tobias and Maren came (the ones in the photo), as well as Agnieska, Luis and Maren's boyfriend visiting from Germany.

Luis, Me and Ed outside O'Brien' was hard finding a place to watch the match, so we wound up at Green Park, as usual...

Monday, October 22, 2007


Lovely shot of Bath Spa railway station as I was waiting for the train to Bristol. I went shopping yesterday, because my jeans were getting too loose (yay!) and also just for kicks....

Here's a shot of my new dress--it's sweater material, which I thought was a nice alternative to flimsy, sheer dressy clothes you usually find. With the cold damp weather here, I haven't been dressing up much when we go out--typically just jeans and a decent shirt or sweater. But with this dress, I can look a bit nicer and stay warm.

Best part though, is the size--I've really lost weight here. I think it's partially all the walking, but mostly the food. When I see most of the English food here, I lose my appetite!

Today I was crossing the Parade from the library towards the Italian girls & Stacey, and Irene goes "Molly, sei magrita! You've lost weight!" (Magrita comes from 'magro,' which is 'thin' and it's diminuitive and feminized version--'you thin little girl!')

Also found this at a store in Bristol...

Now, I'd normally never wear novelty crap like this. I usually think it's stupid, but this is so English! It says "naughty little devil" and "saucy little minx"--just like in "Love Actually" when Hugh Grant looks at Margaret Thatcher's portrait and says she was a saucy little minx! I had to buy it. Whether or not I ever wear it, it's the best fiver I've ever spent.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jonny Walker - Hallelujah

So, this is a video one of the kids I was hanging out with made while we were watching Jonny perform. It's one of my favorite songs, Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah.'

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Fountain in one of the central shopping areas

Street scene in the shopping center--it's pedestrian only (except for the occasional police car or street sweeper), so that's nice.

Liverpool's Lime Street Station

Mathew Street, where the Cavern Club and The Grapes are. It's where the Beatles first really got gigs to play, back when Pete Best was their drummer, before they went to Hamburg, etc.

The Cavern Club didn't serve alcohol, so the lads would drink down the street at the Grapes. It also was a place to avoid screaming underage fans. Not that they weren't interested in girls--the boys always sat at the same table, strategically near the ladies' room.

Shrine on Mathew Street for the Beatles

The famed Cavern Club

Not a good pic of me, but an older tourist couple was nice enough to take a pic for me, so I felt I ought to post it anyway.

17th century Liverpool charter, which I was impressed by until I saw...

The 1229 charter! Even better!

I found it funny that they have T.K. Maxx instead of T.J. Maxx...

The absolutely adorable and very talented singer-songwriter. I watched him for ages, bought his CD, chatted a bit with him...and met some awesome teens who were also watching him. He played some of my favorite songs: Damien Rice's Cannonball, David Gray's Babylon, Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone, Elton John's Your Song, Tracy Chapman's Fast Car, etc. Loved it!

Exhibit in the Maritime Museum about camp gay culture in the navy

Exhibit in the Slavery Museum. It was moving, but very depressing.

One of Paul's suits. Photography wasn't allowed in the Beatles museum, but this is at the Liverpool museum.

Quay side of the Mersey

Walkway along the Mersey

Across the Mersey

Ah, globalization...Not only did they have Subway, but also Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC, McDonald's, etc.

Lime Street Station

My hotel room--2 twin beds, very nice window, ensuite bath/shower--loved it.