Monday, October 22, 2007


Lovely shot of Bath Spa railway station as I was waiting for the train to Bristol. I went shopping yesterday, because my jeans were getting too loose (yay!) and also just for kicks....

Here's a shot of my new dress--it's sweater material, which I thought was a nice alternative to flimsy, sheer dressy clothes you usually find. With the cold damp weather here, I haven't been dressing up much when we go out--typically just jeans and a decent shirt or sweater. But with this dress, I can look a bit nicer and stay warm.

Best part though, is the size--I've really lost weight here. I think it's partially all the walking, but mostly the food. When I see most of the English food here, I lose my appetite!

Today I was crossing the Parade from the library towards the Italian girls & Stacey, and Irene goes "Molly, sei magrita! You've lost weight!" (Magrita comes from 'magro,' which is 'thin' and it's diminuitive and feminized version--'you thin little girl!')

Also found this at a store in Bristol...

Now, I'd normally never wear novelty crap like this. I usually think it's stupid, but this is so English! It says "naughty little devil" and "saucy little minx"--just like in "Love Actually" when Hugh Grant looks at Margaret Thatcher's portrait and says she was a saucy little minx! I had to buy it. Whether or not I ever wear it, it's the best fiver I've ever spent.

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