Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More apartment pics

Living room

Dining area



Back in Leeds

Welcome home flowers from Richard

The street we're living on

The building

The kitchen

I'll post pics of the rest of the apartment when it's all tidied up :)
The job search is stressing me out, but this morning I realized it's only Tuesday--I've only been looking for a job for 3 days. I need to give it at least a few weeks before I get stressed out...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back in the States

Me at Baltimore's inner harbor

The S.S. Constellation

Gorilla at the National Zoo

Kelly and Pudd


Will with Kelly's sunglasses

Uncooperative lion facing away from me at the National Zoo

Uncooperative baby looking off camera

Nick and Pudd at the zoo's pizza playground

Will at Dave & Buster's

Kelly & Nick playing coin games and neglecting Pudd while he steals their tickets

After finishing up my dissertation, I spent about 48 hours in Leeds--cleaning out my dorm room, celebrating with my coursemates, moving my stuff over to Richard's place, and packing for the U.S.
On the 4th, I flew out to Baltimore and was immediately struck down w/ coughing, aches and a high fever. We worried it was swine flu, but it turned out to be pneumonia and cleared up (mostly) in about a week. By then, I was off to Seattle! I didn't get to do some of the things on the list (didn't go out for drinks at my usual places, missed seeing a few people, never went to Dick's drive-in, etc.), but I had plenty of Mexican food, went shopping with Mom, and got to see some of my friends. When I was in line to check in at the airport, I cried a little. As much as I love England, I love Seattle, too. 10 days really wasn't enough!
Now am back at Kelly's briefly--we had a great time today at the National Zoo and Dave & Buster's with Nick! There's not much else I really wanted to do here--am done w/ my American shopping and food, and I don't want to subject Kelly to the Lincoln Memorial again ;)