Friday, December 14, 2007

Last week in Bath

Today I've been taking care of some last minute errands, like picking up Christmas crackers and more presents. I tried to go to the library this morning to work on my essay, but my card expires today and I can't use the library anymore (you have to use your card even just to go in). I thought that would happen at midnight on the expiration date, but apparently not...So, I can't print out and turn in my essay even if I do finish it before I go. At least it's an excuse to fully enjoy my last few days here and forget about rushing the essay!
I had a weird moment yesterday when I was attempting to pack. I was clearing out my desk drawers and I found my American change. It looked so strange and foreign to me now!
Anyway, I looked over my friends' albums on Facebook to try and get some more good pictures to put up...It's been so sad saying good-bye to everybody lately, and looking over our fun times has made it even sadder.

Rugby game between Bath City and Cardiff Blues...with those wet hoods up front, you can see how rain-soaked we were, but that just made it more fun.

Good-bye party at the Lounge

University of Bath campus...Built in the 60's, it looks more like ECC than Collegiate Gothic...

Christina, Ludovic, Juliana and me at the Lounge good-bye party

David, Rohan and me at Inken's birthday party

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