Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bonfire Night

The least blurry of all my pictures...You can vaguely see the crowd & the trees, but it's hard to get a good shot.

Earlier that morning, I saw them stacking up the pallets for the bonfire!

We went to Hyde Park for Bonfire Night again this year. They had a huge turn-out and the bonfire & fireworks were great! After the display, we went to the Chemic to meet up with Katherine, and then we went on to the Oak. It was so great to catch up with Katherine--I hadn't seen her all summer.
On Friday night we met up with some of Richard's work friends at Mr. Foley's, a cask ale house downtown. I'd never been before (it's a bit of an old man pub), but I loved it! They had really crazy ales on--I had a "Treason Treacle Stout", which tasted like a molasses-flavored Guinness! I loved it, too, b/c we were hanging out with professors & researchers, and they're so interesting to talk with--especially when we're all drinking!

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