Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Masters Graduation!

Parkinson Building, where we picked up tickets and gowns

Me in front of the Parkinson Christmas tree

Richard and me with the roses from Kelly

Ximena and me by the Christmas tree

Richard and me outside the Great Hall, where the ceremony was held

Ximena and me in the queue

Ximena, Antigoni and me outside the Great Hall

Just about to go in! The program refers to you as a "graduand" before the ceremony and as a "graduate" after--so this is my last shot as a graduand!

Procession at the end of the ceremony

Antigoni, Ximena and me in the procession

Me, Ruoyi and Sarah after the ceremony

On the way over to the reception at Houldsworth

A few group shots on the Parkinson steps--so many cameras, nobody knows where to look!

The graduation ceremony was great! It was much smaller and more formal than my UW one, but considering that was held in Husky Stadium and Quincy Jones was the keynote speaker, that's not surprising! There was very church-like organ music, and the Vice-Chancellor spoke briefly about how he expects great things from us, etc. They called out everyone's name and we got our actual diplomas there at the ceremony, so that was nice--much more personal than my UW one, where even MA's didn't get their names called. Holding it in the Great Hall keeps it small--maybe 300 graduands and 600 guests. Quite a lot of my friends were there, so that was fun. We went to the reception afterwards and had lunch, then met up with Antigoni for a coffee at Opposite for old times' sake. In the evening I went to the Terrace (another old favorite) with a big group--it was so great to catch up with everybody & celebrate again!

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