Monday, November 8, 2010

Roundhay Park

We've been pretty busy over the past few days (despite the fact that these pictures are all very chill and relaxing). On Thursday night, we went to the opening night of the Leeds International Film Festival and watched "The King's Speech" at the Town Hall. It was fantastic, I really recommend it to all of my fellow Colin Firth fans--it'll be out in the States in 3 weeks :) On Friday, we went to a Marina and the Diamonds concert at the University Union, and that was great, too! On Saturday we went for a walk around Roundhay Park, and on Sunday we went to Otley for the boot fair and a picnic lunch at the riverbank, followed by a party at Richard's friend Matt's place. Today I went on a nice cafe crawl with the netbook. I did 2 Starbuckses and a Caffe Nero, so I got quite a bit done--am really feeling good about the PhD lately :)

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