Tuesday, December 7, 2010

German Market Dinner

Our evening's entertainment...they did some songs in German, but it was mostly covers of classic UK/American music. They even played "Sweet Home Alabama"...too weird!

Sarah's trying to figure out how to eat this sausage in a dignified manner

The tuba player was hilarious--kept getting up on tables, and he even stood on ours at one point!

Look at the size of those steins!

Aisha & Sarah

Sunny & the tuba player

In between songs, they played this little "Ein Prosit" song and told us to raise our steins :)

So we did!

The accordion player...it just made me think of how Grandma wistfully said once, "You know, nobody plays the accordion anymore."

Richard & me under the influence of sauerkraut, bier and polka music

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