Monday, February 14, 2011


On Saturday morning we went to Meanwood Park

It was surprisingly sunny & lovely!
On Sunday, we went down to Dove Stone Reservoir and the nearby village of Saddleworth

The reservoir is just at the northern end of the Peak District National Park--on the way to Saddleworth, we saw the Pennine Way hiking trail
It's really breathtaking countryside out there--very hilly, with windy little roads and stone walls
Out of order shot...more countryside
Saddleworth's little river

Conservative Club (political party pub)

It was great to get out of Leeds and see something new. We went to a lovely little tea room in Saddleworth (the Riverside Cafe) and I had the best caramel latte ever, and we shared a rhubarb crumble with custard--delicious! On the way home, we checked out Huddersfield. It was interesting--like a bigger version of Halifax, really. The city centre is like one big shopping mall. Every little town around it has an old mill--it's amazing to imagine them all back at the time of the Industrial Revolution, the heart of the textile industry, employing thousands of people (including kids) and then to see them now, some refurbished into new things, and some just looking derelict.

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