Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pickering and Malham

While I'm waiting for my flight to the States, here's an update of all the recent photos...

Daffodils in Pickering, North Yorkshire

Very overgrown bit of the graveyard...not sure why this part isn't maintained like the rest!

I think the rose & scythe image means someone was cut down in their prime...

The old Liberal Club building, now home to the Thirsk & Malton Lib Dems--so that answered my question about Liberal vs. Liberal Democrats...They're the same.

Pickering's High Street


We went to this Beck Isle Museum--a lovely little museum that's housed in an old college. This room was done up like a chemist's shop

My favorite is "Female Pills"

This room was done up like a nursery--I love those alphabet cards

And the doll house

Happy Families

Victorian-themed front room in the museum

This was on an old egg incubator in the barn's farming displays--"I get plenty of fresh eggs and lusty chicks from my own hens..."

Last weekend we went to Malham again and the weather was gorgeous--and it's lambing season!


So cute! I kept stopping to take photos, so the 1 mile walk took a long time...

Janet's Foss, a lovely little waterfall near Malham Cove

Richard & me in front of Janet's Foss


More lambs!

I love this one--so sweet!

Richard & me in front of Malham Cove

Limestone pavement at Malham

The climb up to the top is very steep, but the view really is worth it...

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Julie said...

Oh! I love the wee little lambies and duckies! They are so Eastery and cute!