Saturday, October 1, 2011


The Friday before Dublin we went to Blackpool for the day. I'd always heard it was a tacky seaside resort, and expected something like Virginia Beach or Ocean City...but it was surprisingly lovely!
On the way to the promenade, we saw this gorgeous old church near the Winter Gardens theatre...

It was really windy & cold, so we had lunch at a fish & chip shop where you can actually eat inside (they're usually to-go, but Blackpool seems to have a lot of chippies with inside seating--maybe it's always cold & windy!)
They served my mushy peas right on top of the still tasted great, but looked like green slime!
Illuminations in the daytime
Central Pier
Trams go along the promenade from Pleasure Beach to North Pier

Blackpool Tower
Beach view from Central Pier--I love these iron benches!
There were quite a few gypsy fortune tellers around town...I had no idea that was a common thing at the seaside, but maybe it's just Blackpool
Bowling in the arcade at Central Pier

We took a tram down to the Pleasure Beach
That's our jolly conductor in the background
Pleasure Beach has become a proper theme park now--it costs about 40 pounds (per person), so we skipped it.

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