Monday, January 30, 2012

First weekend

We spent our first night in the new flat on Friday, and had a great weekend moving and shopping. The place is shaping up really well, and it already feels like home.

We picked up a couple of pieces of furniture at Poverty Aid UK (same place where my dresser is from--brilliant stuff!). They'd just been brought in, and we snapped them up.

Little sideboard unit with 2 drawers and 2 shelves

Dining room table--very solid, classic design (some heat damage on the top, but it was only £40 and we can fix it and/or use a tablecloth...)

This is what it looks like with the extra panel in--it's huge!

Cookie is settling in well--she's been going around exploring the place in the evenings and sleeping on (or in) our bed most of the day.

Cute little glass bottles I picked up at Ikea--they match my glass Avon jar really well!

The bathroom already looks a million times better with just a new shower curtain and a new toilet seat.

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