Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Down to business...

I've pretty much figured out my classes, now that we're nearly done with the introductory lectures. Below each one, I've put a link to the professor's profile.

European Union Policies and Policy Making
Monday, 13.15-15.05

Societal Modernisation and Political Renewal
Wednesday, 09.15-11.05

Comparative Social Policy
Wednesday, 11.15-13.05

International Security
Friday, 09.15-11.05

We have one unit that's compulsory (the 1st one on the list there), then we can choose 3 from 7 others. I've just got one more intro lecture tomorrow, to a unit called "Comparative European Politics" that I probably won't be choosing, b/c I'm happy with the ones I've picked, and b/c it sounds pretty much like Euro 301 at UW... I like having just M, W, F, because then I've got Tues. & Thurs. to catch up on reading and work on papers.
Our grades are based completely on these essays--1 for each class, 4,000 words each. They're due at 4 different times during the quarter, so we can't put them off until the last minute. It's nice to see procrastination isn't strictly an American student thing.

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