Monday, November 5, 2007

Guy Fawkes Day

To celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, we had a fireworks display on campus this past Saturday night. It was good--not quite the same as American ones, but still worthwhile. After the show, we walked down the hill and went to a pub near Pultney Bridge called The Boater.
I was told there wouldn't be any fireworks on Monday, since it's a weekday. However, tonight I heard fireworks and looked out my window. There was a huge display going on near Pultney Bridge! I threw my coat on and went over to watch it. I caught a good 15 minutes or so before it ended. After the show, I walked around town a little. Every single take-away place was packed! So, apparently that's how the English celebrate. They watch fireworks and then get take-out food and eat it in the streets...

Lovely fall scene. This building is actually about a mile down the hill from the Royal Crescent, but it looks like a smaller version of the real thing. Cody and I found it when we were wandering around town this weekend.

Sara, Irene and Julia outside at the Boater. It's such a neat pub--you enter from the street, but you go two flights down the back stairs, and there's a huge garden area right by the river Avon.

Christine and I...again, she looks more intoxicated than she really was. I don't think I'm ever going to get a good picture of us looking sober...

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