Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween and Skittles

Cody's Halloween party was fantastic. Most of the people in Euromasters came, as well as some other friends from school. We wound up having 50-60 people in that little rowhouse! Cody and I carved a jack-o-lantern and made little paper lanterns for the back garden out of the orange-tinted "Financial Times" paper and tea lights. Everybody was impressed.
The neighbors on one side were fine with the party, but the ones on the other side called to complain about the noise when it was getting late. After the complaint, lots of people went home or on to Green Park, our back-up plan. I stayed fairly late, and walked home with 2 of the girls from my building.
My camera was in my purse all night, which was tucked away in a corner with my coat. I've picked out a few photos that friends have put up on Facebook.

Henna, Marilena, me, Joanna, and Elizabeth. It took ages to straighten my hair, but it was worth it.

Kerstin, John, David and Lizzie

Stacey, Michaela, Sara, Irene and Matt

Vanja, Kerstin, Steffi, Karsten, Regine, and Lizzie

Rodianne, Christina, Irene, Michaela and Veronica
Skittles at the Royal Oak--it was basically like bowling, but made more difficult with a lighter weight rubber ball that was hard to control. I got 8 on my first go, but then failed miserably on my second turn. Beginner's luck!

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