Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bonfire Night

The bonfire was about 15-20 ft. high, and about 10 ft. wide. We were standing pretty far back and we could still feel the heat!

Antigoni, Ximena & me

Rachael, Jeff, Nusodah, Ozen, Antigoni, me and Ximena

Approaching the crowd at Hyde Park

Bonfire Night up here in Leeds was so much better than last year's in Bath! They had bonfires in a few different parks, but we picked Hyde Park because it's so easy to get to--just across the street from campus. We got there around 7pm--there were already lots of people there & the bonfire was already going. At around 8 they started the fireworks. It was a good show--not as elaborate as our 4th of July ones, but still pretty good. After the show, I went over to Anti's for pizza & wine & gossip--very fun!

Tonight is the Leeds Lights lighting event, where they switch on all the Christmas lights around the city centre. We're going there after class to check it out. It's a much bigger deal than it was in Bath--there's a big stage set up by the Town Hall and it looks like they'll have live music. This makes the 3rd night in a row with something exciting going on, distracting me from my essay and keeping me up late. The essay's due Monday, so this weekend I have to buckle down...

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