Saturday, November 29, 2008

Food & Style

Empire apples. Even though I'm from the apple capitol of Washington, I'd never had these before--they're amazing! Sweet, juicy, gorgeous!

My first experience w/ cooking lamb--I just rubbed in a mix of olive oil, salt, italian seasoning, diced red onion & diced garlic. Halfway through, I threw the carrots & potatoes in with the lamb to get them covered in the same seasonings (plus add that nice dripping flavor from the lamb). Turned out amazing!

Before the haircut & dye job

After haircut and dye job. I was getting tired of seeing a few white hairs coming in (I'm too young for this!!), so I picked up some "chocolate brown" hair color at Boots, trimmed off the split ends and colored my hair. First time I've ever done it by myself, but it turned out fine.

The new coat & scarf.
Just for the sake of comparison, here's me in high school:

It's amazing what a difference clothes, hair style and make-up can make. That, plus tons of walking, being away from Jack in the Box, and learning how to cook...

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Kelly and Jason said...

What the Hell are you doing posting that picture? Good Lord.