Monday, March 9, 2009

Back to Haworth

This morning after submitting an assignment, I took the bus out to Haworth so I could pick up souvenirs for my trip home and try to finish that hike (I turned back last time b/c of the rain and wind). This time, it was still ridiculously windy but at least it was a little sunny. The sun and cloud patches moving over the hills looked just like in "The Secret Garden." Just like last time, there was that feeling of being a windswept heroine wandering the moors. I love it out there--and it's always nice to get out of Leeds.
This weekend was good--went to "The Young Victoria" w/ Nicole and loved it. Really want to see it again with my mom, but it's not scheduled for a U.S. release yet...They did that with "Becoming Jane" too--it was out in the spring in the UK and fall in the US. So maybe we can see it when I get back in September...Also saw "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" with Ximena and her housemates. It was good--strange, but good, like all Woody Allen movies. Cody's confirmed our Paris trip for Easter, so I watched "Amelie" and "Paris Je T'aime." Very excited! In amongst the film fest, I've gotten quite a bit of work done on the proposal, the dissertation and a campaign project. Tonight Ximena's invited me to a Celtic music fest at O'Neill's--apparently there's a U2 cover band playing called "New2." Even if the music isn't great, I still love O'Neill's--if only for the memories of drinking Guinness Red with Cody in Bath.

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