Thursday, May 7, 2009

Roundhay Park

Lake Waterloo (named that b/c it was built by soldiers returning from the Napoleonic Wars) with Barran's fountain in the background

This swan was very uncooperative...every time I tried to take a picture, it put its head back under the water.

Roundhay Castle, a folly built in 1812

More shots of Lake Waterloo

Barran's Fountain, 1882

The Upper lake

This afternoon I finally went to Roundhay Park. I'd heard some of the other students mention it, but I'd never gone out there. It's about 30 min from the city center, and it's just NE of the city in a nice residential area. It's huge--700+ acres, with 2 man-made lakes and lots of walking paths. Across the road from the main park, they have a few smaller gardens (including one they planted in 1999 based on Monet's at Giverny) and a greenhouse complex called "Tropical World." I walked around the lakes and read for awhile--mostly just relaxed. I've been working on dissertation stuff so much lately that I really needed to just get out and clear my head. It was great to find a little 'escape' from the city that's more convenient than going all the way out to Haworth.


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I like Roundhay Park too, I have been there in Spring, when I felt quite stressful about's so nice, a big and pretty park..I will go there again someday..