Friday, May 29, 2009

Hebden Bridge

One of Hebden Bridge's many bridges, and a mill in the distance

Very steep public footpath between Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall

A nice little graveyard just off the footpath

Countryside around Hebden Bridge

More general countryside/village shots...

View of Hebden Bridge's outskirts on the walk up to Heptonstall

Hard to see, but there are ducks and whole slices of bread in that water...

This morning I got an early start and went out to Hebden Bridge. It's about 1hr 20min away on the bus (you change in Halifax, so I got to see that city again), and my iPod died about 10 minutes into the trip. I tried reading some articles for my dissertation, but didn't get much out of it. Until today, I'd never realized how loud the buses are--the annoying chav pre-teens with their music blaring from their cell phones (awful music, too), little kids crying/screaming, their parents yelling at them to shut up, etc.
On the way out to Hebden Bridge, there are all these cute little villages w/ crazy names: Luddenden Foot, Friendly, Mytholmroyd (Home of Britain's only clog factory!), etc. Hebden Bridge itself is fairly small--little shops, pubs and tea rooms, etc. The main form of entertainment seemed to be feeding ducks/pigeons--everybody was doing it. I watched an old man pushing his wife's wheelchair along the river, while she chucked whole slices of bread at the ducks.
It didn't take long for me to get tired of watching the duck-feeding, so I walked around the town and up into the hills. I tried to make it up the steep hill to Heptonstall, but I gave up. I was so close, I could see it--but it was 70 degrees and I was disgustingly sweaty. On the walk down, a bus passed me going up the hill--so I'll take that next time. The only thing I wanted to see in Heptonstall was St. Thomas' church--it's a really cool looking church and Sylvia Plath is buried there. Something to go back for...

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