Monday, June 15, 2009


Hyde Park BBQ a few weeks ago

This is an old one, but I came across it on Facebook. Me w/ my friend Mat, and some random guy. Drunk Yorkshire men love posing for pictures with strangers...

Not too many crazy nights out lately. Now that we're getting on with the dissertation, I've been spending my time in these places:

Brotherton Library

Caffe Nero on Albion Place

Starbucks around the corner on Albion Street

Yesterday Richard took me on a lovely drive out to Otley--didn't bring my camera, but found these pics online. Next time I get out of Leeds, I'll remember to bring it!

The River Wharfe. Gorgeous riverside gardens, park, and funny little "amusement centre" (mini-golf & that kind of stuff).

Dissertation work's going relatively well. I get these occasional bursts of genius, but most of the time I'm just reading, taking notes, and drinking lots of coffee. It's very strange doing independent research. Now I understand what Prof. Taylor said about it being quite lonely--you don't see your coursemates every day (or even every week) anymore. I've gone to a couple of birthday parties and BBQ's, but I have more day-to-day contact with baristas than with my friends. At least we've got Facebook :)

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