Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Views of Ilkley from the moor

The heather's not blooming yet...Supposedly, in August all those dark brown parts will be bright purple.

Last Saturday we went out to Ilkley--it's a lovely town, and there were some incredible views from Ilkley Moor. It's a spa town, like Bath or Harrogate, so it has some gorgeous Victorian architecture. Also like Bath, it's full of posh older people (retirees are called "OAP"s for Old Aged Pensioner or Old Aged Person, or as one local seniors club calls it, Older Active People). Had a nice picnic lunch, walked around town and got coffee before heading back to Leeds.
This week I'm buckling down on the dissertation. One more week until that 1/3 draft is due, and all my coursemates are freaking out. Am just heading to the library now to print out more articles for my content analysis--at this point, I'm enjoying the research again. Now that it's been a month since classes/exams ended, I feel ready to get back into it.

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