Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day in the Life

Saturday morning at the market

Croissant aux pommes...délicieux! I used to go to Le Panier sometimes when I was at UW--it's fantastic.

Outdoor farmers market stalls. There was a lady from Enumclaw selling cider, and it dawned on me that Washington really should get into the hard cider business. With all our apples, it could be like the Somerset of America!

Original Starbucks location...with massive 'summer Saturday' crowd. I got so claustrophobic inside the market that I had to stay outside most of the time...except when I stepped in for a quick picture

Inside the market...a bit blurry, but I love the flower stalls

I stumbled across a Tibet Festival at Seattle Center...I love being in the city, where you can just happen upon festivals and performances and things! I'm not that interested in Tibet, but it's just cool to see something different...

Buddhist monk making a mandala...I saw him twice during the day, about 2 hours apart, and he'd only filled in 4 or 5 of those sections in 2 hours!

Another Seattle Center event--Lego Games tour. 1) Lego has contests? What? and 2) I just thought it was a nice shot of the EMP :)

Hit a couple of stores on the way back, and still had time to kill before picking Mom up at work. It's really hard to waste 12 hours--even in a cool city like Seattle :)

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