Thursday, October 14, 2010

Postgraduate Research Room

The new Postgraduate Research Room in ICS (this only shows 1/2, but the other side of the room is a mirror-image)

Trying out my netbook's webcam

I brought the netbook in to the office today, so I thought I'd try out its built-in webcam and post a couple of pictures of the office. It's such a lovely place--all open-plan and airy, and the skylights really make it a great room to work in. We have about 35 desks and computers, but there are usually only a dozen or so of us in here at a time, so it's nice and quiet. Apparently, the PhD's used to have a small office with about 8 desks in it, and it wasn't used by very many people. I definitely lucked-out starting my PhD this year in the new building!

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