Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

There were these lovely vines over an archway--looked great with the sunlight behind it!

Part of the park is an actual farm, where you walk across this pasture land with cows & sheep

On Friday night Richard & I went out for Light Night, an annual art exhibition that's held at various locations around the city centre. We got to see the Victorian-era prison cells underneath town hall, which were very creepy & dank & small. We checked out a display at St. John's church, too, which I'd always been curious about. It was built in 1632-34, restored in 1866 (so even the 'new' pieces are old!), and it's really gorgeous.

Today we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and we really lucked out on the weather--gorgeous, clear sunny day and very mild. The current exhibit in the hall was a collection from this wood sculptor, David Nash, and it was really fantastic. His pieces actually look like something (unlike a lot of contemporary artwork...), and he had an interesting section about 9/11.

We had a lovely Sunday roast lunch at West End House (got very lucky finding lunch there, as it was getting late & most places stop serving at 3--but they go until 4!). As it's right next to Kirkstall Abbey, we had a nice walk around the Abbey grounds, too. It was still really nice and light out, so we went to Starbucks in town before going home. Lovely weekend!

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