Saturday, March 26, 2011

Elvaston Castle and Park

Cherry blossoms in Ticknall's Village Hall garden
The Old English Garden at Elvaston Castle County Park--I think those might be rhubarb...
Gardens are much less impressive in March...

The Formal Gardens closer to the Castle and the church

I love this one!
The Castle isn't open to the public, due to a lack of funding in the past few years. It's run down, and now the Council want to defund the park entirely, selling off some of the land to private developers. They didn't charge any entry fee to the grounds, though, and it only cost 1 pound to park our car. If they want more funding, just charge 2 pounds to park--your profits would double, and I'm sure people would be willing to pay it.

The Formal Garden
Gravestones in the churchyard
Richard & me in the courtyard

Richard and me in front of the castle

The road to the castle

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