Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Irish Music Night at The Grove

March is Irish History Month here in the UK. On Sunday night we went to an Irish folk music night at The Grove Inn, a very cute old Irish pub hidden behind Bridgewater Place (a huge modern high-rise, probably the tallest building in Leeds). It was so great--just like in the movies! It just felt like they were having a jam session and we were invited--very intimate. At one point one of the older guys sang a cappella, and everyone went completely silent out of respect & awe--he was really good! But when the music was going, it was rowdy & loud, and people chatted. The 12 musicians just about outnumbered the audience--which is probably another reason why it felt so intimate.
Six of them were this band Doolin' from France--an French Irish folk band! Brilliant! They really were great, and I even overheard a real Irish girl on her cell telling someone to come to the pub, "these guys are outstanding!"
I found an old YouTube video of them, so you can hear what they're like:

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