Saturday, July 30, 2011

Harewood House

Thwaite Mills Watermill Museum
We went to check it out last weekend, but when we got there, it stank. Literally. It smelled like there was a sewage treatment facility nearby. Given that it's in an industrial area a couple of miles south of Leeds, that might be it...We took a quick picture and went to Roundhay Park instead.
We had a picnic & watched people playing cricket
Richard feeding some scones to the geese

Duckling & mom in Waterloo Lake
Roundhay was definitely a better plan...No sewage smells there!
Last night we went to the Victoria for dinner after work
Today, we went out to Harewood House and actually went inside the house for the first time. It's a bit pricey (14 pounds), but worth it. The house is gorgeous (no photos inside, unfortunately), and the admission price includes the bird garden which was amazing. It's practically like a zoo, with endangered species and really elaborate enclosures...
Stanley Crane
Helmeted Guineafowl
Snowy Owl

Waldrapp Ibis
They're critically endangered--only about 500 in the wild (Morocco), and about 1000 in captivity worldwide.
Chilean Flamingoes
Richard & me by the lake
A house for all seasons...
(Back in November)
On the terrace

View from the terrace

It looks so different in the summer!

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