Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wedding Gown & Jewelry

This weekend, we've made our first official wedding purchases! This is the dress I chose from Oxfam Bridal:

And today at Debenhams, we picked out my earrings and tiara. This picture isn't exactly what my earrings look like, but it's very close--they match the tiara.

The picture from the website doesn't really do it justice--I'll take some pictures of it on me. My crazy thick hair is coming in handy for once--I really pull off the tiara well!


Rach said...

That dress is beautiful!

Julie said...

Oh WOW! It is sooooo pretty! I love the bling!

Guillaume Tell said...

Hi. I don't want to disrupt your wedding preparations, but I came upon your nice photo of the Brotherton Library which I would like to add to its recently-created (by me!) Wikipedia article ( The photo is on your blog post of June 15, 2009.

Could you possibly upload it to either Flickr or Wikipedia Commons (, so that I can add it to the article? You'd need to say that it's your own work and that you're happy for it to be re-used by anyone. If you don't know how to do the upload, I should be able to help. In any case, you could email me at with a yea/nay/help/whatever. TIA.
Andrew Cooper