Saturday, March 17, 2012

Marks & Spencer Archives

This weekend the new Marks & Spencer's Archives opened up to the public--it's right by the business school on the edge of campus.
It's a nice little exhibit about the history of Marks & Spencers

They started out in a Kirkgate Market stall here in Leeds--everything cost a penny
I think this might have been about working for M&S
You get to wear these amazing uniforms!
More uniforms--I think these were 40's-60's

M&S was the first British company to sell Indian & Chinese frozen dinners in the 70's
I loved the packaging...
Those sound delicious! Richard explained the pricing for me--it's 1 shilling, 4 pence.
I only had 2 pictures on my camera from my trip to the States last week...
Thankfully, they're both awesome!

After the archives, we went to Costco this afternoon, too...80 rolls of toilet paper for 20 quid! :)

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