Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It's been a busy couple of weeks--spring is finally here so we're getting out and about as much as possible.

On Mothering Sunday, there was a wedding fair at Oakwell Hall--we went to it mostly just to see Oakwell Hall again, but we found a great venue dressing vendor (chair covers, tablecloths, etc). It's nice to get these things sorted out and off of our minds. We had a nice walk around the gardens & went to the tea room there, too.

On Saturday we went to help raise the cross on the Chevin (hill overlooking Otley)--it's 32 x 16 feet and very heavy. There were 38 people helping, and we really needed about 50. But it was really cool to see it in place--it's pretty impressive, moving something that huge with just manpower. Now I know how the Amish feel after a barn raising!

This Sunday we went to Lotherton Hall because it was so nice out--60's/70's and sunny--and you really have to take advantage of the good weather while it lasts.

We've still been working on the flat--last weekend we put the shelving up in the kitchen

Cookie's doing well, too:

She still loves that purple airplane toy, and we recently refilled the catnip. Here's a clip of her fighting with it:

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