Sunday, August 30, 2009

August Bank Holiday weekend surprise

My surprise!

Richard & me on Ilkley Moor

View down from the edge of the cliff--yikes!


The heather here's much more vivid than it was over in Haworth

That's Ilkley in the distance

More heather

We were pretty much the only hikers there without dogs...

I knew Richard had planned something for the Bank Holiday weekend, because he kept checking with me and reminding me about keeping Saturday evening free. It was driving me crazy--I love spontaneous surprises that you know nothing about, but knowing you're getting a surprise is so frustrating! Saturday morning he finally told me--he'd booked a B&B in Ilkley. We went out for tea, then dinner at an Italian place, then drinks at an ale & wine bar (he'd gotten recommendations from a co-worker who lives in the area). When we were having drinks, he gave me my other surprise--he pulled a little box out of his suit jacket and it was copies of his house keys, with a little key-chain he'd made with a picture of us on each side. When I opened it he said "it's your home now, sweetie" and I almost cried--he's so romantic!
In the morning, after a 'Full English' breakfast, complete with crunchy fried bread and baked beans, we went for a hike on Ilkley Moor. Stopped for tea at Golden Acre on the way home, and now I'm getting back to finishing up my dissertation--just had to post these first!

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