Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Haworth

The heather's finally in bloom!!!

Tourist high season in Bronte-land

On Saturday we went to Haworth--lovely little country drive out there, and it takes about 1/2 the time to drive it vs. taking the bus. Went to The Fleece for a pub lunch and had a very "traditional" (i.e. heavy) meal: filled giant Yorkshire pudding. It was a huge Yorkshire pudding with sausages and fries and then the whole thing was covered in gravy. Didn't take a picture of it (that's just too touristy) but here's a picture I found that was somewhat similar...only it has peas and ours didn't have anything resembling a vegetable.

Actually tasted good, once you get past the appearance...After lunch, we walked up to the Parsonage and Penistone Hill. We had great weather--first time I've seen Haworth in the sunshine! It was still windy up on the moor, though, so we didn't stay up there too long.

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