Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fountains Abbey

Abbey ruins

Pheasants take over the Abbey ruins after the tourists leave...

View from little look-out point up the hill


12th Century outhouse

Another folly

More of the Abbey

The Cellarium--it feels about 10 degrees cooler in there (didn't notice last time, b/c it was freezing everywhere...)

On Saturday we went out to Fountains Abbey--much better weather this time! We had lunch at the cafe and walked around the Abbey and the gardens. Went up the hill to some of the follies I hadn't seen before--amazing views!

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bookmanie said...

Your life is a segment of the universe. From your birth to + infinity. This is related to the title of your blog. I live in France and I discover other parts of the world. Your photos are interesting and beautiful. Bookman