Thursday, June 9, 2011


St. Augustine's Abbey
Burgate Lane

Cross in front of the cathedral gate

It cost £9 to go any closer to the Cathedral, so we just got these glimpses of it over the wall. It's nice, but not all that different from York Minster...

Conquest House, where the knights who killed Thomas Becket supposedly met to plan the assassination...
The old King's School Shop--I love the wonky door (apparently it's a more recent addition)
The Queen's Guest Chambers--Elizabeth I stayed here
Away from the crowds...

Punting boats

Canterbury was lovely--everything's extremely old & well preserved. It was packed with tourists and school groups (we saw kids from France, Germany, Spain & Italy), but after about 4:30pm everybody left. I think I might have been more impressed by Canterbury if I hadn't already seen York. The two towns are very similar, the way they've incorporated modern chain businesses into old medieval buildings. We went to a Starbucks right next to the Cathedral gates!

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