Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stockport and Manchester

The weekend between the engagement and the Lorient trip got lost in the shuffle--here are the pics from the Stockport Beer, Cider & Perry Festival and our afternoon in Manchester :)
The festival was amazing. They had 150 varieties of beers, ciders & perries on tap (we each tried about 5 different 1/2 pints), so it was hard to tell where to start. Each barrel had the name, price (for full and 1/2 and 1/3 pint) & the ABV % on them (% alcohol by volume).

It was held at a football stadium, so this was the seating :)
After the festival, we went into Manchester for a little sightseeing & dinner on the way back to Leeds.
We went on the Wheel--neither of us had been on it before, and it was definitely worthwhile.
View of Manchester Cathedral from above

The Wheel from below
Manchester Cathedral from below

Old & new buildings clashing in the city centre
The last time I was in Manchester (Nov 2007), this was where the ice skating rink was :)

Richard & me in front of the fountain

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