Friday, September 19, 2008

Back in England!

I'm spent! Just wanted to post a quick one tonight so you could see what my room looks like. Also, b/c I didn't make it to Carphone Warehouse before it closed (at 5!), so this is my way of checking in again.
Leeds is not conventionally pretty like Bath. It looks like Sheffield in The Full Monty--lots of dilapidated old brick rowhouses and council flats. Downtown has some lovely old buildings, but they're mixed in with newer attempts to rejuvenate the old industrial image. It isn't working...
Tomorrow I'll get pics around town and campus. Tonight I basically just unpacked and bought a few necessities at Morrisons and Dunns down the hill. There's a Boots in the shopping centre, too, so that's good. Morrisons had mostly groceries, but also some housewares that were clearly meant for college students--cheap ugly sheets, tiny little pots and pans, corkscrew/bottle opener combos...The other thing close to my dorm--a cute traditional old pub I'll have to check out. It's called "The Merry Monk" and has a drinking monk on the sign. I'll have to get a picture in the morning :)

It's way nicer than I expected--bigger than my room at home, even, and it has a double bed.

I've got a real closet, too! Full-sized! And the room smells like paint, which is a good sign.

I need to get a better shot of the desk--basically, it runs the whole wall opposite the bed. It's longer than the bed and has dresser/desk drawers and a little cupboard. The night stand has another little cupboard--the English love a good cupboard!

My view. The hill is gorgeous, but in the more immediate focus you'll note the council flats. The one w/ green accents looks just like Mr. Dudley & Ting Tong's place. I feel like popping over for some spring rolls...

The kitchen & bathrooms are alright--there are 2 1/2 baths, not just 1 1/2 like I thought, and one's right next to my room.
Since I'd mailed off the bedding request on Tuesday, I didn't have the bedding pack yet. I got a 2 pack of cheap pillows (you can't buy 1 cheap pillow--both stores I checked offered either 2 cheap or 1 expensive). I didn't want to get a duvet if I'll get one soon (also didn't want to haul it up the hill!) so I got a pack of pillowcases and a duvet cover. I'll use it like an extremely thin sleeping bag until my duvet comes...I'll give it a week (or just tonight, if I freeze).

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Kelly and Jason said...

Molly- I am glad you are safe and well. The room looks great! Have you met any of the roomies yet? I love the Ting Tong Council Flats! You need to change your preferences on the comments section here so you don't get all that annoying crap left on it. Mine never does because I have that word verification thing. I love you tons, and am glad you are safe and well. Love your bloggin as always!