Sunday, September 28, 2008

Latest news from across the pond

Another shot from the older part of campus, originally West Yorkshire College

Wednesday--Department meeting and reception in evening. I really liked the lecturers and other students in my dept. They reminded me a lot of the group in Bath--very international, funny, and any conversation over a pint always comes around to politics.

Thursday--Not much, just did grocery shopping and watched BBC online. Here are some prices of groceries: loaf of wheat bread 1.25, 6 on-vine tomatoes 0.69, 1lb. pasta 0.78, 10 slices cheddar 1.59. BBC sitcoms are mostly junk, but I can't pull myself away...One in particular called "2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps" is really stupid but addictive. It's about 20-somethings in Runcorn, which is fairly near Liverpool. The characters are 1-dimensional, the plot is predictable, but for some reason I watched every available episode.

Friday--Got my bank account set up at the Barclay's branch near uni. Went to the student union shops and got my school supplies (notebook, pens, file folder) and this really tasty juice I used to get in Bath, Feel Good's Cranberry and Lime. In the evening I went to see "The Duchess" and had dinner and drinks around the corner at TigerTiger. The Duchess was good, but odd...surprisingly dirty and sensational, but I suppose how else are you going to get people to go to a movie about the Duchess of Devonshire?

Saturday--Realized that my wallet was missing. I remember having it in the cab on the way home, so I think I must've dropped it in the cab instead of putting it back in my purse. So, I called 20-some cab companies and the police station and checked with the sub-warden, and called to report my cards to Bank of America--they were really nice and helpful. So, after a very stressful day, the police have my info in case the wallet gets turned in, my cards are canceled and replacements are on their way. I'm so glad I did my grocery shopping on Thursday and topped up my mobile, and at least I still have my passport, keys, phone, etc. Also, I hadn't bought my bus pass or gotten my student ID card yet, so at least those aren't missing. All in all, it could've been worse, and it's all part of the adventure. I think my wallet's going to arrive at Mom's someday, months from now, because that's the only address that's in there.

Sunday--Tonight I'm meeting up with a friend who wants me to co-host a U.S. election special with him on student radio. He's modeling it on Olbermann's show with a countdown of major headlines mixed w/ our witty banter (I'll be like Maddow). So, if I get the job, it'd be great experience and fun to do.

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Kelly and Jason said...

I am so excited that you will be on Radio Watford! If you do get it make sure you get a disk of it so we yanks can enjoy it here in the states! I love you and it will be okay with the whole wallet thing. Call me!