Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monks, school and yogurt

Took care of registration stuff this morning, which was actually pretty fun. I'd been emailing with the program secretary and financial aid guy for months, so it was cool to finally put a face to the name. The secretary's very nice--exactly how I imagined her. She's slightly younger than the one in my dept. at Bath, but is just as friendly, informative, helpful, etc. The financial aid guy is adorable--and of course I'm delighted to meet anybody who's responsible for my money, 'cause I don't know what I'm doing.
After that, on my way out of the building I met a few girls in the department. One was an undergrad from India and the other two were postgrads in International Communications, so we'll have at least 1 class together (the thesis class). I was so glad to finally meet other postgrads after the whole freshman thing on Sunday night...

The Merry Monk, my local pub. Haven't been in yet, because there are always lots of middle-aged working-class men (and some rough-looking ladies) out in the beer garden and they intimidate me...but maybe next Sunday for Sunday Roast?

Main (and oldest) building on campus, the Great Hall.

My main source of sustenance, the always delicious Mueller fruit corner. They were on sale at Morrison's, so now I'm living off of them (and the occasional take-away sandwich or curry). Blackberry-raspberry is the best--cherry's alright, but doesn't have enough fruit in the corner...

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Kelly and Jason said...

Excellent, an exchange student from Mongolia(seriously) said on his blog that the Merry Monk tended to be all older people, so you may want to find a different location for Sunday Roast, perhaps a little more family friendly.