Friday, September 19, 2008

Exploring Leeds

My desk--I love the huge bulletin board, but until I get some push pins, all it has on it is the fire safety info...

Obligatory pic of towel bale...they're not quite as soft as the ones from M&S, but how can you go wrong for a fiver?

The duvet cover. Don't know why the pattern's called "Mardi Gras"...It doesn't inspire me to flash anybody in exchange for beads.

Ceiling in Victoria Quarter

Another shot of Victoria Quarter. It's got lots of posh little boutiques, designers like Vivienne Westwood, etc.

Pedestrian-only shopping zone--one of my favorite things about Europe

Some old official building that isn't the City Hall ('cause that's further down...) But I was sitting in a park in front of it that's been rededicated to Nelson Mandela and has a lovely fountain.

The Dry Dock, a pub that doesn't just look like a boat--it is one!

The Corn Exchange. Didn't take any pics inside, but there's a big courtyard w/ tables and chairs and shops and stalls all around the circle...a bit like a circular mall w/ food court, only it's old.

Leeds City Market--Europe's largest indoor market. Cheap produce, but is it worth the crowds when you could just go to Morrisons (which is also quite cheap)?

The Arcade, the black iron part to the left, is an entrance to Victoria Quarter and the fancy stores, but the rest of the street had normal shops, like cell phone companies and Subway. I've seen more Subway shops than anything else in this town, some literally within a block of each other--it's like Seattle and Starbucks.

Another shot of Victoria Quarter. It's just gorgeous.

Another shot of the ceiling in Victoria Quarter.

Grayson Heights, my surprisingly nice dorm. Only downside is that it's so far from campus and the city. Took me about 30 min to walk to campus this morning, but what about when it's snowy? Definitely need a bus pass, even though they're pricey.

Leeds City Hall, built during Industrial Revolution

I've found my new job--"Leed's first lap dancing superclub opening here soon"

A building I thought was something noteworthy, but it was just a club...I'm sure it used to be something noteworthy, though.

This shot reinforces my belief that this town is such a mix of old and new. That modern glass and concrete thing and the crane really take away from the rest of the scene...

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