Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It'll all work out...eventually

Note the Christmas-light-style martini glass on that lightpost: this is what I mean when I say that Leeds is lovably trashy.

My returned wallet--look how crumpled my driver's license and picture of Will are! Sad! The license was just about the only thing I really wanted back (no offense, Will) and now I still have to get another one when I go home...jeez.

Another random Leeds scene, showing the clash of old and new, pretty and ugly...and that person walking ahead of me is wearing the skinniest skinny jeans I've ever seen.

Yesterday the police called saying my wallet was in, so I went to the station and the property guy wasn't in. After class (which was really good and interesting), I went back and they said he wouldn't be in and he'd ring me tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'd spent the last of my money getting the bus to campus/downtown, because it was raining.
This morning, it was still raining but I walked to the station and picked up my wallet. Sadly, all the cash was gone, including the few US$ bills I had in there. Everything else was there, but it was all pretty much useless--my canceled debit/credit cards, my AAA card, my UW Husky Card. So I walked home and got soaked. For lunch, I used my oddly matched remaining groceries and made some weird tomato-garlic concoction to have over pasta. Kelly figured out the Western Union thing (cheers, Kelly!), so this evening I got enough money to tide me over. The replacement credit card didn't come today, so I called and they said to call back if it's not there by Friday, which is such crap.
On the bright side...
I'm going to Ximena's birthday fiesta at Viva Cuba tonight, so that'll be fun. Nothing like a mojito or two to forget your troubles.
Also, Max and I got the radio job and we're also doing election night coverage, so that'll be awesome!

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Kelly and Jason said...

hope you had fun tonight! I am glad we finally got you some "Beer Money" like John McCain's wife! I love you and you need to call me tomorrow!