Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long-awaited flat pics & new clothes

Ok, Kelly--I finally took pics of the bathroom & kitchen for you, even though it made me feel kinda creepy...Going into the bathroom with a camera just doesn't look right...

"Electric shower," which sounds like an accident waiting to happen...It's actually just a way of retro-fitting the plumbing to add a shower. The top dial is for water pressure and the lower one is for temperature, and the on-off button is just below that.

Just a shot that shows how small the bathroom is...and the toilet is set pretty far from the wall, like those "grinder" ones we saw in Provence (except it doesn't have a grinder, sadly). I like the glass shelves above, though, and I love pedestal sinks.

I thought this was some kind of heater, but the appliance manual in the kitchen calls it a "warming towel rack." Basically, it's a metal tube that gets hot. When you take your towel off of it, it's slightly warmer but only on the 1/2 inch-wide strip that was touching the rack.

Kitchen--lots of cabinets, ok-sized fridge, tiny table nobody ever uses, and washer/dryer combo. It's got a nice view of Kirkstall Abbey out the window. And as you can see from this picture, my roommates have a thing for rubber gloves.

Another shot of the kitchen, showing the "electric hob" with grill and oven, as well as the rice cooker & toaster that appeared last week.

So, I finally got my pin # and student loan money this morning--yay! I was so tired of wearing the same things all the time, so I treated myself to a few new shirts at H&M. Trinny & Susannah (the hosts of What Not to Wear) had a special on the other day about people wearing too much black. Since about 3/4 of my wardrobe is black, I forced myself to avoid buying any more black today.

(It's navy blue, even though it looks black...)

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