Friday, October 3, 2008

Top night

Me with the birthday girl, Ximena

Wednesday night's party was great--got to know some of the girls from my course better and met some friends of friends. We started out at Viva Cuba, which was definitely more of a restaurant/bar rather than a Latin club, but at least they played Latin music (I love Juanes!). Most of the others went home fairly early, but I went on with Ximena and four guys to HiFi, a really cool underground club. It had a cover charge, but it was worth it--unlike Bath's Moles...ugh. After dancing for awhile, we went on to George's, a pub opposite St. George's cathedral. Its main attraction is that it's open late, and its main drawback is that they were doing Karaoke in Chinese. It's a far cry from my Karaoke nights in Mount Vernon this summer, but it was entertaining all the same. The important thing is that I had a good time and made it home safely with my wallet.

Class today was good--my prof seems really fun and interesting. Had pizza for dinner and was thrilled to find that Morrison's pizza is just as good as Sainsbury's. Called the bank again about my credit card and the guy was over-the-top friendly--I know they record calls for quality control purposes, but he was ridiculous. When he asked my name, he said it like "And who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?" First off, it's 'with whom' if you're going to be all formal like that, and secondly, it was hard to answer without laughing...All I found out was that my card was sent out Monday and it takes 3-4 days. When I pointed out to him that it had been 4 days, he just said "It should be coming any day now." So, despite all the politeness, the call really didn't help much...

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