Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Abroad

Group shot--we finally got some sunshine around sunset!

Richard, me and Sarah at Viva Latina after the BBQ

Sarah brought "king strawberries" from Marks and Spencers--they're absolutely huge and perfect, and not natural at all. But they're tasty!

We weren't posing for this--Min-Qin was just taking candid shots and she put this one on Facebook

These are those disposable BBQ trays I was talking about--they're great!

Countries represented, left to right: Libya, China, Venezuela, Denmark, India, Britain, China and America

My first Independence Day outside of the U.S. was strange, but turned out well. About a dozen of my coursemates came. The burgers and hot dogs turned out great, and everyone liked my pasta salad. We ate and drank and chatted until sunset, then went home to change before going out to Viva Latina.
I had a good time, bt I missed the fireworks, cheesy patriotic music, and real American food (though I think we came pretty close). Also missed out on my mom's birthday--Happy birthday Mom!!! If I stay in England permanently, I think I'll have to make a point of coming back to the States for the 4th every year...

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