Monday, July 20, 2009

Firenze: Day 3

One of the piazzas near my hotel

Crowd outside the theater, waiting for the Harry Potter premiere

A little park along the Arno

Me along the Arno

In front of Santa Croce

Piazza di Santa Croce

The model for Cellini's "Perseus" (in the Museo di Bargello)

Dying Adonis--note that nasty gash in his leg

Courtyard of Bargello museum

Museo di Bargello (Bargello museum)

Looking towards the Dome from the Piazza di San Stefano

"Buongiorno, buongiorno, Ferdinando! We salute thee! The bronze came from Turkish cannons, captured by the knights of San Stefano..." (Piazza di San Stefano)

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Kelly and Jason said...

Why does that one statue have empty nipples? Was she supposed to be a fountain?