Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bath revisited

High Street shopping

Abbey Green and Crystal Palace, one of my favorite pubs in Bath

Graduates outside of Bath Abbey

Weird sculptures on the Abbey square...Roman Baths in the distance and jolly older English people in the foreground (graduation attendees)

Pultney Bridge still looks the same--surprise, surprise! Really, though, I was surprised how everything looked just the same as it did when I lived here. Then it occurred to me that it also looks the same as when Jane Austen lived here. Why did I expect it to change?

A planter in Victoria gardens with the Royal Crescent in the background

The Royal Crescent

More shots at the Royal Crescent

The Circus

New shopping centre and bus station in the construction zone that used to be my view...Carpenter House is that cream building in the distance, and everything on either side is new since I was here last (they're still working on the shopping centre)

On Tuesday I went down to Bath for the day to see my old Euromaster friends who are back in town for their graduation. I had a great time catching up with everybody and seeing our old stomping ground again! I realized that I've become a Northerner, though...the Southerners seemed so posh and formal, and on the train from Manchester to Leeds I immediately felt at home.

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Kelly and Jason said...

Carpenter House? You ain't a bloomin' carpenter!