Friday, September 24, 2010

Back in Leeds

It's so great to be back!
My flights were alright...I didn't sleep well like I usually do, though, so I was exhausted yesterday. Kept falling asleep any time I sat down on the couch, so we went for a walk around Headingley. It really does just feel like home :) I picked up some stuff I needed at Wilko's and Superdrug. The shops were really busy, but I love seeing all the new students running around, setting up their new places & stocking their fridges. They look about 12...So cute!

This morning I sorted out my registration & bank info, and had a nice walk around campus. I checked out my department's new home on campus--it's in a beautiful old brick building that's just been refurbished--very modern inside, and it still smells like fresh paint :) Still haven't heard about any sort of orientation--maybe on Oct 1st?

After my look around campus, I did some window-shopping in the city centre and had lunch at my favorite Caffe Nero. I love people watching down there. The buskers and charity collectors were still at it on Briggate, and I saw a woman with short black hair & red lipstick who reminded me so much of Nessa! I love this city...

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