Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On Death...

The most profound thing I’ve ever read about death was written by my Great-Grandma in 1986. I’ll just post the letter in full here.

Jan 17th [1986]
Dear Mason & Lenore,
I have waited so long to write, you will have to excuse me. We are very well and having winter here. I am not going to write much. My eyes are a little better. I got new glasses two weeks ago today. I have to sit right under the light to see at all. The Dr. is still treating my eyes.
Hope all of you are well. I have been having a lot to do—several trips to the lawyer, the bank, the funeral home and long-distance calls to make. I was named Billy’s beneficiary so I had insurance papers. The new truck was mine—we have sent 2 people after it. They would either sell it or we could get it. That’s been awful hard on me. I wonder why so much has happened to my children. Guess I will have to live with it. Write me and both take care. The rest are well.
Love, Mom

That simple statement “Guess I will have to live with it” really gets me. She’s 85 years old, and 4 of her 7 children have passed away (3 in very tragic circumstances, in the past few years). She admits it’s been hard on her, but she still has this incredible acceptance about it all. It’s simple and full of wisdom—just take life as it comes and ‘live with it’. In my opinion, that’s why she lived to be 102…

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